Sunday, October 29, 2006

Vegoose Baby

Friday was a great day in Vegas. Beautiful weather, friends arriving, generous blackjack tables (bet the pair square!) and the anticipation of quality musical adventures to come.

Around midnight I found myself entering the Orleans Hotel - an eerie facade of New Orleans built up in the desert a few blocks off the strip. Through slot machines and bug eyed wanderers, we made my way through a long corridor and came upon the Orleans Arena. It's a medium sized arena in the back of a casino hotel - amazing. Trey was already playing, and I could tell from the intensity pouring out of the portal entrances that it was going on. Entering the room, the music was already at a peak, big and bright. He kept the energy up for most of the night and was able to leap frog expectations and keep me there until late in the evening.

I managed to enjoy some crap table time before the encore and as our one shooter hit his 5th point in a row, we celebrated, and the streams of fans poured out of the arena to cheer on with us.

Saturday was the longest day of all time. Toubab Krewe started it off impressively, and Gomez played their hearts out to an early crowd. From Praxis to Cat Power, The Coup and Yard Dogs - the day was starting out with an electric array of bands. MMW layed the grooved down as Yonder Mountain played their last show of the tour.

Ranconteurs are the the rockingest band of all time. Keller Williams Incident brought some heat and clever covers -- The Mars Voltra shreaded, The Black Crowes and Petty played all the hits.

A great day on the grounds.

Passing out for a few hours was a requirement before going back to the Orleans for the Trey and Phil shreadfest. Peak moments of out there exploration kept everyone wide eyed and happy until at least 4am (the new 4).

Back here for Day 2, it's hot hot hot and things are just getting started....


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